October 2017 Speaker Presentation
Thursday, October 19, 2017
12:30 Conference Registration
1:30 Chairperson's Welcome & Opening Remarks

Neal S. Sofian, Director of Member Engagement, Premera Blue Cross

Capturing & Utilizing Big Data & New Technologies to Engage Members

Building & Harnessing Technology to Personalize Engagement & Experience

This session explores behavioral models and communication tailoring technologies that use personalization. The goal is to create a much better member experience and generate engagement across the full range of services that can be provided by a health plan. We'll identify the requirements of a true personal consumer experience; based on segments of one, what do we need to know about each person to do this and what data will provide us the insight to actually get people to take action.

* An approach to significantly increase engagement in products and services
* Define engagement based on changing prevalence of behavior in a population
* How to build an ongoing relationships with members that will drive ongoing engagement
* Demonstrations of how to do this

Neal S. Sofian, Director of Member Engagement,Premera Blue Cross


Digitally Speaking: Are Your Members Engaged? How To Create And Sustain A Thoughtful User Experience

How do you guard against delivering a "Franken-site" that leaves your users frustrated and confused? In this session, we'll explore how to develop a thoughtful digital vision, establish an internal process, measure and react to member feedback, and socialize the importance of digital engagement throughout your organization.

* Developing an internal process including strategy, goals, resources, and measurement
* Building an experience that supports your goals and captures data
* Listen to your members, optimize, listen again, and repeat

Sean Radlich, Manager, Digital Experience,Health Now of New York


Networking Refreshment Break


Follow the Data: Enhancing Outreach Based on Consumer Activity

Within one of its wellness programs, Humana exceeded its annual engagement goal by executing a true omni-channel campaign that leveraged communications like email and text messaging... all targeting a senior population. An important lesson on data vs. assumptions.

Nate Kvamme, Vice President,Humana Wellness


Member Engagement Through Mobile App & Care Management Strategies

The health insurance landscape is changing fast. Leaders across the health care continuum are juggling multiple priorities from engagement to cost avoidance. They must make tough choices if they are to stay relevant in a competitive market. If health plans want to survive, we must transform our thinking from a model that is predominantly paper and phone-enabled to one that is digital and mobile-enabled. With an increasing need to reach and interact with high cost, hard to reach members, the use of mobile app and automated care plan technology provides new and creative ways to drive outcomes, while also enhancing member retention strategies.

Participants will learn:

* Why it is important for health plans to create unified, simple mobile app experiences
* Who must be involved in the design and implementation
* What are the key functions to a unified mobile app and care management strategy
* Outcomes health plans can expect when executed the right way
* What to look for in the right partner to drive a successful program

Shameet Luhar, Co-Founder and CEO,Vheda Health

Philip Rub, Co-Founder and President,Vheda Health

Bradley Marks, Chief Growth Officer,Vheda Health

Engaging Members in Wellness Programs That Members Will Actually Use

Case Study: How To Get Members To Use Wellness Programs

How to get members to use wellness programs, incentives for providers and members, building wellness programs that support disease management

Chris Hause,Vice President of Marketing, Sales, and Business Development,Kaiser Permanente


Networking Reception

Friday, October 20, 2017
7:30 - 9:00

Continental Breakfast and Complimentary Interactive Workshop:

Intelligent Member Engagement Designed to Deliver Plan Growth, Health Loyalty and Quality Performance

In this highly interactive, evidence based educational session attendees will learn how to design an intelligent member engagement program which delivers short-term on quality while establishing a base for long-term member health loyalty. This full cycle session touches on aspects from propensity modeling to member experience to framing a three year engagement journey. We will share client case studies as proof points. This is an ideal session for those interested in the real execution aspects of an engagement program.

Jordan Mauer,EVP Marketing and Member Engagement, Novu Health


Chairperson's Remarks

Neal S. Sofian,Director of Member Engagement,Premera Blue Cross


Integrating Communications, Technology and Payment Channels to Maximize Member Engagement

Successful consumer engagement, and member retention, is best achieved when a health plan coordinates its strategies and tactics to create low-effort member experiences. In this session, we will explore the work being done by UPMC Health Plan to integrate communication messages and methods with technology tools and payment solutions. This session will examine UPMC's Marketplace Exchange products, and the rapid learning and innovating that has been done, to create meaningful connections with new members. As a case study, we will explore how UPMC Health Plan delivers important information to Exchange members through their preferred communication channels which can be transferred and tailored to other lines of business.

Key learning objectives include:

  • Explore how to create new member and renewal experiences that integrate people, process, and technology with feedback loops to continually strengthen a health plan's improvement process
  • Discuss the timing and delivery of member communications to align with both business objectives and regulatory requirements
  • Examine the use of technology, with a focus on ease and simplicity, for member messaging and transactions

Patrick Tracy,Senior Director of Marketplace Operations,UPMC Health Plan

Establishing Communications Channels and Messages That Members Value and Understand

Listening to the Voice of the Customer: Integrating Empathy into All Communication Channels

Developing and utilizing the Voice of the Customer is a critical element of evolving your Consumer Experience. From piloting to launch -- leveraging the four elements of VoC to show how to analyze the Voice of the Customer and Convert Findings into Actionable programs designed to help members.

* Implement empathy training that ensures your plan displays empathy inside out and outside in
* Create programs designed to ensure a positive learning experience for members
* Expand pilot programs into all lines of business
* Expand the role of call center to provide effective clinical information

Guy Hadnot,Director, Customer Experience,Health Net of California

Atoussa Fukuda, Manager, Strategic Communications, Health Net of California


Networking Refreshment Break


Communication Rx: Transforming Healthcare through Relationship Centered Communication

Quality and experience metrics have accentuated the need for teaching and assessing communication competencies. As a core domain of patient/member experience surveys, plans must enhance performance in fundamental areas such as: listening carefully, treating members with courtesy and respect, and explaining things in a way that members can understand. This session will review robust evidence for how communication and empathy positively affect health outcomes, improve patient experience scores, reduce costs, improve safety, and more. The presenter will describe the tenants of relationship-centered communication and offer strategies for engaging more meaningfully with members and families. The presenters will also describe the fundamental skills of relationships-centered communication and offer practical insights for initiating communication improvement efforts.

* Introduce the concept of relationship-centered communication
* Review evidence for how effective communication and empathy positively affect outcomes
* Describe fundamental skills of relationship-centered communication, with an emphasis on skills for expressing empathy
* Outline practical methods for launching education programs to enhance interpersonal communication in healthcare organizations

Laura Cooley, PhD, Senior Director of Education and Outreach, The American Academy on Communication in Healthcare (AACH)


Sending The Right Message At The Right Time - Why Personalization And Simplified Content Matters

Less is more. With thousands of health communications sent out to our members each year, we knew we needed to inventory and transform how we were reaching them. It wasn't enough to know what was being sent, but we needed to track and score the member actions associated with each piece. We also needed to stop adding complexity to our member messaging, so we launched a Say what?! campaign to avoid using confusing words and to say more on words we couldn't change. Adding personalized language that is simple and in our brand voice has helped us increase our open rates to nearly 50%. Sure it takes longer, but it has resulted in more meaningful content that gives our members peace of mind that we know them and know what they need to better understand how to use their plan.

Kristie Burns,Director of Integrated Marketing & Communications,Priority Health

12:05 Networking Lunch

Improving Member Experience Using Social Media

The growth of social media has created additional touch points consumers. Learn how a major insurer uses social media to engage with their members and deliver a positive customer service experience.

Marilu Cristina Flores, Social Media Specialist, Florida Blue


Deploying a Holistic Member Engagement Strategy

To consistently yield positive outcomes across disparate performance metrics, plans must move from silo-ed engagement approaches to a holistic, 360 approach designed to address and overcome barriers and improve outcomes.

A simple as this may sound, it requires change: changes to the types of data available for members, the approach to member interventions, and most importantly to the health plan's philosophy and internal, departmental-level responsibility of impacting multiple outcomes.

In this session, Mr. Aminzadeh will discuss how plans have deployed a holistic member engagement approach as part of their population health strategy. This includes:

* Understanding and predicting every facet of a member's health experience
* Balancing, targeting and engaging members that are at greatest risk for undesirable, disparate outcomes
* Cross-departmental responsibilities for outcomes and execution

Saeed Aminzadeh, Chief Executive Officer,Decision Point Healthcare Solutions

2:20 Networking Refreshment Break
Partnering with Employers & Community

How Health Plans Can be a Design Mentor for Employers' Successful Wellbeing Programs

Why success always has, and always will be "in the hands of employers"
The role for health plans: Design Mentor and what that means
What there is to design:
  • The Four Contexts of a business
  • Which habits are worth creating (The Dose Value of Habits compared to their outcomes)
  • The Habit Creation Formula
The payoff for Health Plans that succeed as Wellbeing Mentors for their employer groups

Andrew Sykes, CEO,Habits at Work


Close of Conference